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One of the most important and daily duties of the Guilderland Police Department is traffic related concerns and enforcement. The Guilderland Police Department is dedicated to keeping our roads safe through the strict enforcement of vehicle and traffic laws as well as deterrence and public education efforts. It is the goal of the Guilderland Police Department to have the safest roads possible.

The Traffic Safety Unit is actively involved in the Albany County Stop DWI program and continue to host the Stop DWI Victim’s Impact Panel eight times per year.

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The Guilderland Police Department also participates in Buckle Up New York, Operation Safe Stop Education and Enforcement Day, No Empty Chair, and the STEP (Selective Traffic Enforcement Program) which is the aggressive enforcement of such violations as aggressive driving, speeding, and driver distraction such as cellular phone use. All aggressive driving traffic details are funded by the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee. The Guilderland Police Department continues to partner with the Guilderland Central School District for Operation Safe Stop. As an active member of the Albany County Traffic Safety Awareness Committee the unit also participates in the annual awareness weekend held at Crossgates Mall which is an opportunity to further educate the public as to the importance of traffic safety. 

Accident investigations and reconstructions are also conducted by members of the Guilderland Police Department Traffic Safety Unit. These officers are highly trained in accident reconstruction and utilize a Total Station. The Total Station provides detailed measurements, resulting in exact accident reconstructions. This tool is used in serious personal injury and fatal motor vehicle accidents. 

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