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Patrol is the foundation of police work. Its importance to the community cannot be overstated. The uniformed officer is frequently the most visible component of the department. Major emphasis is placed on the deployment of personnel allocating patrol presence to the entire town 24 hours per day. 


The patrol division is staffed by a First Sergeant, four Sergeants, and twenty five patrol officers, which includes one canine officer. The functions and objectives of the patrol division are preventative patrol, law enforcement, crime prevention activities, response to calls for service, preliminary investigations of crimes and incidents, arrests and processing of prisoners, traffic direction and control, traffic accident investigation, maintenance of public order, provisions of emergency services, development of positive relationships between citizens and the department, and reporting of information to appropriate organizational components. Patrol officers always try to maintain a close relationship with the community and foster a positive police-community relationship.

Guilderland Police Patrol Division
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