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The Guilderland Police Department is an equal opportunity employer. The department recruits and select candidates for the position of police officer in accordance with the New York State Civil Service Law, as administered by the Albany County Civil Service Commission, and to afford equal employment opportunity to all eligible candidates.


To be eligible for appointment, candidates must meet the prescribed standards set forth by the New York State Bureau of Municipal Police and the Albany County Civil Service Commission. In cases of lateral transfers, only candidates from competitive civil service agencies will be considered for appointment to the Guilderland Police Department.



Recruitment is the first step in the hiring process. The primary method of recruitment for the position of police officer within the Guilderland Police Department is through the Albany County Civil Service Commission’s continuous recruitment testing program. Current Albany County Exam Announcements.

Candidates considered for appointment to the Guilderland Police Department must be of good moral character and must satisfy the height, weight, and physical fitness requirements prescribed by the Division of Criminal Justice Services Office of Public Safety pursuant to section 840 of the New York State Executive Law.



Candidates meeting those requirements will be given an oral interview by a Town Board member, the Chief of Police, and/or his/her designee(s). Oral interviews will employ a set of questions and the results obtained will be recorded on standardized forms. 



All candidates must submit a completed application/personal history statement. Upon submission of this application and the signing of the standardized release form, a thorough background investigation will be conducted. This investigation will include, but is not limited to, investigation of the candidate’s family, education, residences, work record, physical and emotional health, organizations and affiliations, references, social contacts, credit record, D.M.V. record, military history, county records such as liens, and judgments, and criminal history record.


All candidates will be evaluated by a qualified psychologist or psychiatrist to establish a level of emotional stability and psychological fitness compatible with the position of police officer.



All candidates will be given a physical examination by a licensed physician in accordance with the standards prescribed by B.M.P.



All candidates will be given a physical agility test in accordance with the standards set forth by B.M.P.



At the conclusion of the selection process, the Chief of Police or his/her designee will make recommendations to the Guilderland Town Board for the appointments to the position of police officer. All appointments will be probationary for a period of 52 weeks. Subsequent to the effective date of the appointment and prior to the commencement of official duties, the candidate will be administered the Oath of Officer for Police Officers by the Guilderland Town Supervisor.

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