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The RAD course is a total of 12 hours long and is divided into 3 four-hour sessions. It begins with awareness, prevention, risk reduction and risk avoidance, while progressing on to the basics of hands-on defense training.


Session 1: Students are involved in discussion of risk reduction strategies, and acquaintance rape mentality, the continuum of survival, defensive strategies and the basic principals of defense. The pros and cons of defensive weaponry, how to develop a defensive mindset, recognizing vulnerable locations, and utilizing personal weapons will be discussed.


Session 2: Participating students will begin the process of hands on training.


Session 3: Students will participate in "Simulated assault" scenarios at 100% full contact with the RAD instructors, who wear state of the art protective gear specifically designed for the training.

Rape Aggression Defense Program

- RAD -

This Guilderland Police RAD program is Free for Guilderland residents! 


You may take it as often as you wish.

The Guilderland Police Department was one of the first police agencies in the area to offer the Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) program. With the help of the State University of New York Police Department, the program was kicked off a number of years ago. 


This is a self-defense type course ONLY offered to women. It is not your typical self defense course, where the student learns how to punch or kick through repitition, it is designed for the student to survive attacks. Teaching things like knowing the surroundings, keeping your guard up and hands-on escape from real attackers. A couple of years ago, the Guilderland High School began offering this course, with our assistance (instructors, aggressors and equipment), to senior female students.  As of 2012, well over 200 college bound young women have learned the art of escape.

For More Information Contact:

(518) 356-1980 Ext. 1030

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