It is the intent of the Guilderland Police Department to provide a positive interaction with those citizens that require police service. Often a citizen may want to send a compliment pertaining to one or more specific officers with regard to their experience but do not know who they should contact.


The Guilderland Police Department will investigate all complaints against department personnel, regardless of the source of such complaints.


Investigation of these complaints through standardized procedures will demonstrate the department's desire to provide honest, efficient police service and will inspire public confidence in its personnel. A regulated program of complaint review will also ensure the fair and impartial treatment of all department personnel who become subject to the professional standards procedure.


A citizen complaint is defined as that action taken by a citizen to bring to the attention of the department any police action or inaction that the citizen considers to be contrary to the law, proper procedure, good order, or in some other manner prejudicial to the citizen, the department, or to the community as a whole.


Anonymous complaints are welcome, however, it may become difficult to thoroughly investigate allegations without the ability to further interview the complainant. There is an anonymous option on the citizen complaint form.


The Guilderland Police Department is committed to establishing close ties with and responding to the needs and problems of the community. While law generally governs the department’s task, the policies formulated to guide the enforcement of the law must include consideration of the public will. This responsiveness must be clearly understood at all levels by a genuine concern for the problems of individuals or groups. The needs of the community must become an integral part of the programs designed to carry out the mission of the department. Every member of the Department, through the general discharge of their law enforcement duties, will strive to achieve a positive relationship with community organizations and individuals.


Several times during the year quality control surveys are mailed randomly to citizens that have had some type of interaction with the department. These surveys are used as an attempt to identify and correct internal practices, or attitudes that may contribute to community tensions and grievances. Should you not be selected to receive by mail one of these surveys, you may still participate by filling out the attached survey form.